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[Posted August 29th, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

I loved this article, so I thought I would share it with you.

BY COLIN TIPPING, Radical Forgiveness

Your body is not only continually giving you messages about what’s going on with you physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Where in your physical body you have pain, discomfort or disease can be a message about who you need to forgive and for what.

Chakras are energy centers within the etheric body. The etheric body is the energy body that exists one octave higher in vibration than the physical body (which is also an energy body, but vibrating at a sufficiently low frequency that it manifests as physical form).

There are seven chakras in the etheric body and each one is energetically connected to specific glands and organs in the physical body. In her book, "The Anatomy of Spirit," Caroline Myss showed that certain unresolved emotional issues tend to settle in one or more chakras and, given time, are likely to create specific symptoms in one’s body. This presents us with an opportunity, because once we know which type of issue settles in which chakra, then we can deduce from what’s showing up symptomatically in our bodies who we might need to forgive. Doing the forgiveness work on those people not only will benefit us emotionally and spiritually, but the strong likelihood is that the physical symptoms will disappear as well. Here’s how to read your body symptoms if and when they show up: (Kim says to tap while reading this)

Chakra #1, the Root Chakra:
If you have problems in your body from the hip area down to the feet, including lower colon, prostate, genitals and bladder, ask yourself who has in the past made you feel unsafe or insecure. Who is, or has been, responsible for making you feel this way and undermining your very foundation? Problems with legs and feet may indicate a desire to run or a feeling of not being able to move forward in your life. Another issue that gets in this first chakra is the fear of standing up for yourself when attacked, especially by a father figure or someone who assumes authority over you. That will be someone you need to forgive.

Chakra #2, the Sacral Chakra:
Issues we have around sex or money or creativity tend to gravitate into this chakra and will create specific physical symptoms in this area of the body. Money issues, for example, often will show up as lower back problems. Sexual issues will manifest, not only as pain in the lumbar region but as problems with the entire reproductive system. Women are affected most, obviously, but men too will find themselves ‘aborting’ ideas and creating blocks to their creative energies. Guilt, especially guilt around sex, is located in this sacral chakra. Failure to process this emotion often shows up as excess weight around the hips and lower abdomen. Ethical issues, especially as they relate to relationships are implicated in this chakra. Fidelity would come into that category. If you are having lower back problems, look at your money issues first and then your sex life. Have you or your partner had affairs? It is interesting that the two main causes of relationship breakdown are issues around money and/or sex. Your might also check to see whether your creativity is being blocked in some way, either within the relationship (as in having babies, for example) or at work, perhaps.

Chakra #3, the Solar Plexus Chakra:
Problems in the area of this chakra will manifest as stomach problems, adrenals, liver and digestive issues, and mid-back pain. If you have any of these bodily symptoms, these may well be indicating that you are dealing with issues of personal power, control and self-esteem. So, look to see if power struggles or control issues have figured in your relationships, not only with your partner by the way, but with other people as well– especially your mother. My experience is that mothers often tend to exert control energetically through this chakra. Look also to see whether your partner has treated you in a way that has kept your self-esteem fairly low. Co-dependence is also located in this chakra.

Chakra #4, the Heart Chakra: Energies that settle in the Heart Chakra (#4) will represent issues around love, hate, jealousy, resentment, forgiveness (or lack thereof), and associated pain arising from a ‘broken heart.’ Mid to upper back problems, heart problems, pulmonary issues and problems in the breast and chest area will arise if there is energy stuck in this chakra. Whenever I meet someone with breast cancer, I always ask, "Who broke your heart between 5 to 7 years before the onset of the cancer?" They can come up with a name almost without thinking and a light bulb usually goes on immediately.

Chakra #5 is the Throat Chakra:

This covers the shoulders, the thyroid, neck, mouth, teeth and throat. Problems connected to difficulties with communication and personal expression will show up here. Not being able to speak your truth will produce symptoms in this area, especially sore throats and thyroid problems. Secrets are also highly toxic and will produce physical symptoms. It is also the chakra that holds the energy of will and the ability to make things happen through the power of the word. Stiff or aching shoulders can be associated with having had to ‘shoulder’ too much responsibility. Power and control is easily achieved over one’s partner by what one says, or what one does not say, so this chakra is very important. Silence is a powerful weapon.

Chakra #6, the Third Eye:

The Third Eye is about your own self-awareness, your intuition and your connection to truth. The energy of this chakra affects the eyes and ears, your nervous system, the brain and the pineal gland. If your partner is inclined to ridicule your intuitive abilities and your spiritual connection, this could be a problem.

Chakra # 7, The Crown Chakra:

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and is all about your life values, your faith, your trust in life, your connection to God and being able to see the big picture. Any energetic block in this chakra shows up in the skin and muscles.

So there you have it. Your body is a library of information. Now that you know how to read it, go ahead and see whose energy is already showing up in your body symptomatically and focus on forgiving those people first.

© Colin Tipping 2012

What is Laughter Yoga Anyway?

[Posted June 5th, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

There’s a new exercise in town! Want an exercise that is good for your mind, body and spirit? Then give Laughter Yoga a try. Laughter yoga is a relatively new exercise (about 15 years old) which was created by Dr. Madan Kataria in India.

Laughter yoga is based on the principle that your body does not know the difference between “real” laughter- laughing at a joke-and “fake” laughter (which we can also call unconditional laughter). Anyone can laugh for no reason, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. In laughter yoga, we do laughter exercises which simulate laughing, and it usually turns into real laughter. Sometimes we laugh so much it’s hard to stop.

The beautiful thing is that you receive the health benefits of laughter after laughing for about 10 minutes. Laughter yoga sessions are usually 45 minutes to an hour. In addition to laughter exercises, we do deep breathing with some gentle stretching, incorporate child-like playfulness, clapping, and a guided relaxation at the end.

Studies Have Proven the Benefits of Laughter

Dr. William Fry, a well-known research scientist from Stanford University, scientifically proved that 10 minutes of laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine. He confirmed that 20 seconds of intense laughter can double the heart rate for three to five minutes. As an exercise, laughter has similar benefits to any other aerobic activity, like jogging, swimming and cycling.

Laughing stimulates blood flow and helps to oxygenate the body. People have commented that their cheeks and stomach hurt from laughing so much. These are muscles with quickly strengthen, so never fear, the soreness does not last long.

Laughing is good for you, because laughter reduces mental stress and strengthens the immune system. Laughing also increases the oxygenation of your body, is a natural pain killer, increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure.

Writer Norman Cousins wrote in his book “Anatomy of an Illness” that 10 minutes of laughter gave him two hours of pain-free sleep after his diagnosis with a potentially fatal disease. Dr. Lee Berk performed a study of heart attack patients where half of his patients watched funny videos for 30 minutes a day, while the others did not. The “humor” group had fewer arrhythmias, lower blood pressure, lower levels of stress hormones, and required lower doses of medications one year later. The non-humor group had 2.5 times more recurrent heart attacks than the humor group.

You may have seen the move “Patch Adams” about a doctor who used humor to help his patients heal. Dr. Daniel Amen wrote in “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” that laughter counteracts stress by lowering stress hormones, eases digestions, soothes stomach aches and is good for the immune system.

Laughing together also builds community. The unconditional laughter of laughter yoga creates strong bonds between people who laugh together. This is very beneficial in corporate or other work environments, at retreats, or in community living facilities like nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Dr. Kataria created laughter yoga in the hopes of connecting people with one another at the heart level without judgment. To him, that is the true meaning of yoga.

Keys To Wellbeing: Do You Know Yours?

[Posted April 4th, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

What are the Keys to Wellbeing? I suppose it depends on what your definition of wellbeing is.  The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines wellbeing as “the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.”  Sounds like a fair definition to me. 

So how do you live a happy, healthy, prosperous life?  We all know how to be healthy-eat right, sleep enough, exercise daily.  Whether we do it or not is a different question, but at least we know what to do, in theory.  If you’re not doing those things, you may need a coach to help you figure out why.

But what about happiness and prosperity?  Those are harder, aren’t they?  Both are a state of mind.  If you don’t have the happiness state of mind, you aren’t going to feel happy.  Same with prosperity. 

How do you get a happy state of mind?  The easy answer is, do things which make you happy.  The problem is that sometimes you don’t even know what makes you happy.  If you are one of those people, take some time and think about what you are doing in your life.

Are you doing anything that brings you joy?  Is there something you do that time just flies by, and you don’t even know it?  I’ve recently started playing the ukulele, and time just disappears when I’m doing it.  I’m not very good yet, but I can’t wait until I am!  I feel the same way about yoga, and sitting on the beach looking at the ocean.

If you aren’t doing anything that brings you joy, chances are you are spending your days feeling totally stressed with no relief in sight.  Eventually this will cause your body to break down, resulting in illness.  The illness is a signal to you that changes need to be made in your life.  You get to choose whether you make changes when the illness is manageable, or whether you will continue on your current path until you are afflicted with a serious illness. Heart attack, stoke, cancer.  Those illnesses can be healed, with a complete life change.

If you don’t know what brings you happy, let’s do some tapping to try and open you up to figuring it out.  If you don’t know how to tap, click here for a video and short instructions.

Karate Chop:  Even though I have no idea what brings me joy, I deeply and completely accept myself.  Even though it makes me really sad that I don’t know that, I accept who I am at this moment.  Even though I’m not happy, I choose to make a different choice in my life starting now.

Eyebrow: I’m not happy
Side of the Eye: I don’t even know HOW to be happy
Under the Eye: That makes me very sad
Under Nose:  But I’m ready to change my life
Chin: I’m open to happiness in my life
Collarbone: I’m open to creating room in my life for what makes me happy
Under Arm: What if I could think of some things to do which make me happy?
Top of Head:  I am ready for this

Take a deep breath.  How are you feeling?  If you are really triggered by this tapping, you should go back and do that again, changing the words as you need to, for your situation.  Once you are feeling some relief, continue to the next tapping round.

Eyebrow:  I am ready to allow happiness into my life
Side of the Eye: I am going to think about what I used to do that made me happy
Under the Eye: I was happy sometimes before
Under Nose:  I can do those things again
Chin: I am making happiness a priority in my life
Collarbone: When I was a kid, I always wanted to ___________
Under Arm: What if I could make that happen now?
Top of Head:  I am open to allowing happiness into my life in many different ways

Keep tapping until you truly do feel open to happiness.  Until you are willing to make a commitment to being happy, you will not make the changes you need to make.

Next week Nancy Richards and I are doing a workshop where we will discuss various Keys to Wellbeing.  More information on that below.  Come and let us help you figure out how to allow wellbeing into your life.

Workshop: Keys to Wellbeing: Tapping Into Laughter & Creativity

[Posted April 4th, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

Laughter clears the way to balance and well-being. Combining laughter with yoga (not turning you into a pretzel rather the deep breathing portion) mixed with guided relaxation. Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) will offer another strategy to work through challenging thoughts.  Balancing the workshop will be a self-analysis of creative outlets, ways to “power up” via music, affirmations and the creation of a Jar of Positivity to take home

Goals of this gathering:
•    Observe and apply deep breathing strategies
•    Experience and apply  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
•    Self-analyze work/ life balance
•    Discuss the power of affirmations

This interactive workshop blends laughter and the power of personal leisure pursuits so dress comfortably.  Bring a pint size jar (clean, label removed) for the project and discover the natural “powers” within which will strengthen YOU to embrace the world at large, chaos and all!

Wednesday, April 11        7-8:30 PM
Friday, April 27        9:30-11 AM

1200 Bustleton Pike, Suite 16B,
Feasterville, PA 19053

Combining the energies of Freedom Healing and Wellness with Activity Pathways

Dynamic Duo Speaking Team
Kimberly Ruch-Alegant

Kim Alegant is a workers compensation attorney, life coach and laughter leader.  She uses her knowledge in these seemingly unrelated skill sets to help her clients with physical and emotional trauma and anxiety, in the courtroom and in real life.  She has taught numerous workshops on laughing, energy healing, stress relief, and weight loss. Kim finds life balance by meditating, practicing yoga, gardening, reading, going to the beach, music, and walking her dogs.

Nancy Richards, ADC/EDU/MC

As Founder and Executive Director of Activity Pathways, LLC, based in Warrington, Ms. Richards has over 25 years of experience of designing and delivering Activity Services in various levels of eldercare.  She is passionate about the power of activities providing the balance in life is a voracious reader, lover of Farmer’s Markets, cooking, gardening, power walking and exploring local parks. Ms. Richards is a speaker, staff and family care giver trainer and MEPAP instructor.

Investment for Well Being $35

Checks made payable to:  Freedom Healing and Wellness


Register online here

**Please bring a pint size jar, clean, label removed for activity**

Release tensions of the day,
Laugh, create and
find balance in your life.

Saturday, 3/15 Global Online Laughter Yoga with Dr. Kataria Himself!

[Posted March 14th, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

Procrastination and Laughter

[Posted March 14th, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

Say what? What do procrastination and laughter have to do with each other? Well, I’m inviting you to notice the next time you are procrastinating, and laugh at yourself! That’s how. Of course, since I am a tapping and energy work person, I’ll give you some of that too. But when I am leading a laughter yoga session, sometimes I have people laugh at their aches and pains, do angry or frustration laughter, laugh at a bill that comes in the mail, or simply laugh at themselves. So, if we can laugh at those things, why not laugh at procrastination?

Laughter changes the energy of any situation, even if it is “fake” laughter from doing laughter exercises. Laughter yoga is “fake it ‘til you make it” or just keep faking it if you don’t. Your body can’t tell the difference, and you feel better afterwards due to all those endorphins and serotonin etc. So, next time you catch yourself procrastinating, take a moment (or ten) and laugh! (for more on laughter yoga, click here)

So why do people procrastinate? Oh so many reasons. Oh so many issues we could tap on. But I know when the weather is gorgeous outside like it is here in Philadelphia, sometimes you just don’t feel like working. You feel like enjoying the beautiful weather outside, even if our winter wasn’t very harsh this year. (Amen for that! Sorry Europe.)

If it’s the weather that’s making you not want to work, can you give yourself a few hours to get outside and enjoy the weather? Hey, as long as you’re not blowing any deadlines or forgetting to pick up the kids, is there any harm in taking a few hours to smell the daffodils? I think not. We are here on this planet to enjoy life. Make sure you are taking the time to do it. I don’t consider this type of procrastination a problem, unless it is happening every day.

However, there is procrastination that is sabotage, and that kind of procrastination is better nipped in the bud. Procrastination from sabotage is not starting a project (or finishing it) because of fear of failure, fear of success, fear of putting yourself out there, fear of getting out of your comfort zone…I could go on.

It’s best if you can identify WHY you are sabotaging. This is where your friendly neighborhood coach comes in. (Shameless self-promotion here) Call me if you know you are sabotaging but don’t know why, or can’t fix it yourself! Hey-professional athletes use coaches for their entire careers. Why shouldn’t you? Moving on…

Let’s do some general tapping on procrastination (due to sabotage, not nice weather). You will be better off personalizing it for you, or calling me so we can do it together. But this will get you started. (f you don’t know how to tap, click here)

Karate Chop: Even though I am procrastinating AGAIN, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I just can’t seem to get stated, I accept who I am and how I feel. Even though I can’t see how to fix this, I choose to make changes starting today.

Eyebrow: I just can’t get started (or I can’t get it finished)
Side of the Eye: I’m so frustrated with myself
Under the Eye: What is wrong with me?
Under Nose: I don’t want to get it done, apparently
Chin: But I really do want to
Collarbone: I keep sabotaging myself
Under Arm: What if I could stop doing this to myself?
Top of Head: I am ready to move on

Take a deep breath. Check in. How are you doing? Are you feeling better or worse now? Nothing at all? Not specific enough. Can you do some more specific tapping? If you are feeling some relief, move on to the next sequences. If you still need more work, you should tap more on YOUR particular issues before moving on.

Eyebrow: I am ready to stop procrastinating
Side of the Eye: I do want to finish that project
Under the Eye: I will feel so good when it is finished
Under Nose: I will be able to move on to bigger and better things when it is finished
Chin: I love finishing my projects
Collarbone: I can feel the celebration already
Under Arm: I am finished!
Top of Head: After I celebrate, I can think about my next great thing!

Take another deep breath. Are you ready to get on that task and complete it? Or, at least take the next step. What is the saying-the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, or something like that. Take the first step towards completion. It will make the next step that much easier. Use laughing and tapping liberally as needed. Take time to relax and dream/meditate/pretend about completing the task. Call if you need me.

What Stops You From Following Your Dreams?

[Posted February 21st, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

What are your dreams?   If you are on a self-discovery path, you can probably rattle these off pretty quickly.  If you can’t rattle them off quickly, your first step is to spend some time daydreaming to remember what your big dreams were when you had them.  I’m giving you permission to be selfish here.  What are your dreams FOR YOURSELF?  While world peace and food on every table are valiant dreams, you can’t change the energy of each and every person on this planet.  I want you to focus on the dreams that you want for yourself personally.  Is it material objects?  New car?  Shore house?  iPad?  Independent wealth? Is it health?  Is it a fulfilling relationship?  Children?  What’s your big dream?

Take a few minutes and write down your biggest personal dreams.

Now that you’ve gotten in touch with your big dreams, take a few moments to ponder why you aren’t pursuing them.  We’re going to do some tapping on this. It would be helpful to write down some notes so you can tailor the tapping to your situation.  If you gave up on your dreams, when did that happen?  Why?  Do you believe your dreams are attainable?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

Let’s do some tapping about this: (don’t know how to tap? click here)

Karate Chop:  When though I haven’t achieved my biggest dreams yet, I deeply and completely accept myself.  Even though I’ve given up on my dreams, I’ll never get them, I accept who I am and how I feel.  Even though I’m not sure I can ever have my dreams, I choose to look at things differently now.

Eyebrow:  I haven’t achieved any of my big dreams.

Side of the Eye: What’s wrong with me?

Under the Eye: Why can’t I have my dreams?

Under Nose:  It’s not fair that they’ve done it and I haven’t

Chin: I’m never gonna get my dream

Collarbone: Why do I even bother to think about it

Under Arm: It’s too big

Top of Head:  But what if I could change my energy around this?

Take a deep breath.  Drink some water.  Check in with yourself.  Are you feeling some relief, or are you feeling worse now?  You may want to go back through the tapping points and tap on the reasons you gave up your dream.  This may take some time, and you may need to do the tapping more than once.  Tapping can be an instant fix, or it can take lots of tapping to make progress on an issue, so don’t give up.  You don’t stop brushing your teeth just because you have to do it every day.  Think the same way about your tapping.

When you are feeling some relief, continue on to the next round of tapping:

Eyebrow: Anyone can have their big dreams

Side of the Eye: Others have done it, and I can too

Under the Eye: What if I could match my energy to my dreams?

Under Nose:  Maybe I can draw my dreams to me

Chin: I’m willing to release my resistance to my dreams

Collarbone: I’m starting to be open to the idea that I can have my dreams

Under Arm: I’m willing to take the first step towards my dreams

Top of Head:  After I take the first step, I’ll take the next step.  I can achieve my dreams one step at a time.

Now, lather, rinse, repeat.  You can have your dreams.  But if you are convinced that you can’t, you need to make some shifts in your energy.  There are many ways to shift your energy, and one way to do that is through laughter.  That’s why I created the Manifest Your Dreams with Laughter Yoga workshop.  Consider coming to help you draw your dreams into your life!

Can you relate to my story?

[Posted February 21st, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

I was moderately successful in life. I graduated from college, got a job, got married, went to law school, had a kid, got a job. I got mediocre grades, mediocre jobs. I went to work, did my job, kept the stiff upper lip. I’d come home and take my anger out on my family. At home, I could safely get mad, and I did. I’d get mad and stay mad.

Eventually I realized that my anger stemmed from feeling unworthy, not loved, not wanted, out of control. I was slightly afraid to fly, which I realized was related to my control issues. Fast forward a few years (doing EFT, intuitive healing and other modalities). Now, I actually have moments of happiness in my life! I never remember feeling happy before. I’m still on the path, but…

I’ve learned that I’m in control of my life, and I get to choose what I do and how I feel.

I’d love to hear your healing journey. Will you share it with me? Please sign up for my newsletter, and let’s start a dialog. If you haven’t begun your journey yet, or you need help along the way, I can help you to release those thoughts and beliefs that are making your life hard.

Peace, Kim Ruch-Alegant
Philadelphia Life Coach

Want to read more about me?  Click here

Guest Author: Ken Stone on Power

[Posted February 21st, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant


It’s a popular topic: taking back your power. 

But what does this really mean?  When and
how do you give away your power?  What is

the consequence of giving away your power?

Like many other components of the spiritual  

journey, stopping giving away your power is
not a one and done.  It’s an ongoing exercise –
something you’ll likely get to practice each
day for the rest of your life (sort of like

surrender – or experiencing the Divine within).

I can think of many times when I give my power  


I give my power when I get frustrated with  

a situation, an individual or group…about
anything.  When I blame someone else
for something that’s going on in my life
that I’m not happy about.  When I believe
that someone else knows better how I
should live my life – or what I should do

in some situation – I give my power away.

When I get frustrated with – or blame  

someone else or a situation for something
that’s going on in my life that I don’t like
I hand that circumstance (or person) some
of my power.  I put them in charge of me
and how I’m feeling.  The opposite is true
as well: when I accept complete responsibility
for everything in my life, including what is
true and best for me, I have taken back all
my power.
This has been a real struggle for me at
different points in my life.  You mean
EVERYTHING in my life is my responsibility?
Yep!  At the end of the day, you control
your response to everything.  You know
what’s best for you.
So what’s the consequence of giving
away power?  A reduction in the
quality of your life.  A lack of confidence.
Miserable or happy you get to choose.
This may sound a bit harsh – especially
if you’re having a hard time right
now with something that’s going
on in your life – or a relationship that
isn’t working.
But it’s the true story.  When you get
to a position where you take all your
power back, the relationship, the
situation – will no longer upset you.
You’ll simply choose a different response.
If I make this sound simple or something
that’s easily implemented, let me be
real with you:  It’s not.  It’s taken me
years to figure this out.  Years of
practicing excavating my soul and
playing with surrender.   And finding
my own voice, what is true for me.
Since my big surrender event at the
end of June last year I’ve become
LESS tolerant – which has helped me
take my power back big time.  Less
tolerant of instances where I wasn’t
loving myself.  Less tolerant of situations
and relationships that weren’t in
My lack of tolerance has made my words
and actions much more to the point –
much more in alignment with my truth.
And I get to learn this lesson each day
over again.
We’re all in the same soup together.
That’s it for this week…From My
Ken Stone
"The Soul Archaeologist"

New Years Resolutions

[Posted January 5th, 2012] by KimRuchAlegant

Anyone made resolutions? I used to, but I’ve decided I like the word “intentions” better. It seems to me that it is easier to keep an intention, and easier to get back to it if I slip. When you slip from a resolution, sometimes the thought process is “Well, I blew that one. Might as well give up.” I don’t want to have those thoughts, so I’m intending.

But sometimes maybe we fail at our resolutions because we set ourselves up for failure by expecting it. What if those expectations could be released? Let’s do some tapping:

Karate Chop: Even though I’m afraid I’ll fail at my resolutions, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I don’t was to fail again, I accept who I am and how I feel. Even though I’m scared, I love and accept myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I don’t want to fail
Side of the Eye: Why do I bother making resolutions?
Under the Eye: I never keep them anyway
Under Nose: It’s just another way to beat myself up
Chin: What if this year was different?
Collarbone: Who am I kidding?
Under Arm: It’s never different
Top of Head: I make a resolution and break it

Eyebrow: I’m such a failure
Side of the Eye: It’s just something else to fail at
Under the Eye: I’m tired of this
Under Nose: I’m ready to make a change
Chin: I want to succeed
Collarbone: But I’m not going to
Under Arm: Why do I keep talking to myself this way?
Top of Head: I really am ready to make a change

Karate Chop: Even though it feels scary, I’m ready to make a change. Even though I’ve never succeeded before, there’s a first time for everything! Even though it hasn’t worked before, this time, I choose to make it work

Eyebrow: I’m ready to follow through on my resolutions!
Side of the Eye: It’s fun having something to look forward to
Under the Eye: I love knowing that even if I fall off the horse, I can forgive myself and get back on
Under Nose: I’m ready to make changes this year
Chin: I know things will get better for me this year
Collarbone: I can relax into this, and enjoy my progess
Under Arm: I love knowing I am in charge of my life
Top of Head: This is my life, and I’m making it great!

So, be kind to yourself. One step backwards does not have to mean complete failure. Only if you let it be so. Choosing to have it be different will make all the difference!

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