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What Negative Yuck Are You Carrying Around?

[Posted February 1st, 2009] by KimRuchAlegant

 We all have had negative experiences in our lives.  Sometimes we easily shake off those experiences and move on, unaffected.  Other times, those bad experiences stay with us.

 Did anything ever happen to you that you just can’t get out of your mind?  Maybe you don’t think about it constantly, but it pops up when you least expect it (and always when you do expect it) to make you feel yucky (could be depressed, hurt, angry etc.).  Or can you think of a situation where just thinking about it gives you a headache or makes your stomach hurt?

 The memories of these hurtful situations are a drain on our body’s energy.  Experiences that hurt to remember are like tapes that keep playing over and over in our minds and affect us every day.  In addition, those people who star in those movies continue to have power over you, by your investment so much of your energy into the memory.

 What if you could change the feelings associated with those memories?

 Since I have spent time doing work to clear some of the “yuck” I was carrying around in my head, I am much more able to relax.  I can actually sit down at home and read a book now.  Just one year ago I could not do that.  I could never sit down at home.  I always needed to be doing something.

 Can you relax at home, or do you always need to be doing something?

 If you can’t let yourself relax, you need to take some steps to face what is going on in your head.  Journaling is very helpful.  Writing letters to the stars in your mental movies expressing all your feelings about what happened and then either tearing them up or burning them (DO NOT SEND THEM) is another way to change your perspective of those experiences. Traditional psychotherapy is another approach.

 The methods I have used to clear some of my yuck are EFT, Z Point, and ETHOS Method.  These are ways of working with the body’s energy to release those pent up frustrations, erase those tapes which are playing on unending loops, and altering the interpretation of the events, or the people involved.

 Anyone can benefit from these methods, and all of them can be done by yourself.  All you have to do is some initial research to learn how to do them.  However, sometimes it is helpful to have a practitioner who can guide you through the process, and shine a light into the dark corners of your mine that you don’t want to face by yourself.  Contact us if you need assistance!


© 2009 Freedom Healing and Wellness LLC

abstract:  Negative thoughts influence us every day.  What can we do to erase those negative thoughts?  Energy coaching can help.


By Kimberly Ruch-Alegant, Certified Energy Coach, and Owner of Freedom Healing and Wellness, LLC.  We offer individual and group energy coaching services in person and via telephone using EFT, Z Point, and ETHOS Method.  Find us on the web at www.FreedomHealingandWellness.com.  Telephone 215-357-6474.  We also offer introductory energy work classes.  Keynote speaking is available.

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