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Life is hard. Right?

[Posted February 3rd, 2009] by KimRuchAlegant

Well, it’s true isn’t it?  Life is hard.  There’s so much to do, so little time.  I don’t have enough hands, or I need to be able to clone myself to get it all done. 

Haven’t we all said many of these and more to ourselves at one time or another?

Well, I have finally come around to the idea that what we think is what we get.  It’s the old “glass half empty” thing, and it’s not just for pessimists any more.  Wait, maybe it is, but it’s just that all of us who feel overwhelmed and underappreciated ARE pessimists.

I mean, all of the richest men in the world, like Warren Buffet (Jimmy Buffet even) and Bill Gates only have the same 24 hours in a day that all of us women have.  Yeah, you say, but they have wives at home to do it “all”-whatever “it” is. But hey, maybe their wives do work and they just HIRE someone to do all that stuff.

That’s what Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker, says to do.  She says that once you start making SOME money, you need to invest some of it in yourself by paying someone to do those annoying, time consuming chores and errands.  She says, how many millionaires do you think do their own laundry and pick up their own dry cleaning?  Not many.  Their time is too valuable, and is better spent ringing the cash register in the business than folding their undies.

What does this have to do with life being hard?  It’s all about our perception, and all about how we talk to ourselves, in the privacy of our own minds.  Some people are brutal on themselves.  If they can’t manage to make home cooked meals, do the laundry and have the house spotless while working 60 hours a week, they feel like a failure.  Get real!

It’s time to change our perception that life is hard.  For those of us with jobs, homes, and families, life is not hard.  Challenging at times, maybe.  People living in a war zone, homeless, in an abusive situation, or starving—now life is hard for those people, and no rose colored glasses are going to make it better.  But even the perception of those people living in a dangerous situation can take a positive spin-and I’ll bet some of them do think that way.  If they can live through today, tomorrow will be better, or something to that effect.  In the Nazi concentration camps, there had to be optimists, or the rest of them would have just given up.

So those of us living privileged lives really need to get over our ideas that life is hard, we have too much to do, etc.  At least we have more to worry about than where our next meal is coming from, or where we are going to sleep tonight.  It’s time to change our perception of our lives.

Where am I going with this?  Energy healing, of course.  How we talk to ourselves is greatly influenced by what we learned as children, and by any traumatic events we survived.  How we talk to ourselves is based on our beliefs.  We have both “good” beliefs that support us and “negative” beliefs that bring us down.  Gary Craig, founder of EFT, calls this the “writing on your walls” in your mind.  The writing is always there, whether you are consciously reading it or not.  Your unconscious is always reading it.  Energy healing modalities such as EFT, ETHOS and Z Point can be used to erase or change the harmful beliefs, and replace them with beliefs that will serve you well in life.

So start paying attention to how you talk to yourself.  Do you tell yourself you’ll never get it done, or you don’t have enough time?  Or you’ll never succeed, never make enough money?  The universe says, “your wish is my command!”  Try reframing your self talk to use positive phrases, and you will be amazed at how much easier life seems, without actually changing a thing!

Life is easy, right?

© 2009 Freedom Healing and Wellness LLC

abstract:  We spend a lot of our lives telling ourselves that life is hard.  How do we change our thoughts to life is easy?  Energy coaching can help.

By Kimberly Ruch-Alegant, Certified Energy Coach, and Owner of Freedom Healing and Wellness, LLC.  We offer individual and group energy coaching services in person and via telephone using EFT, Z Point, and ETHOS Method.  Find us on the web at www.FreedomHealingandWellness.com.  Telephone 215-357-6474.  We also offer introductory energy work classes.  Keynote speaking is available.

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