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Are Feelings of Shame Affecting Your Entire Life, and You Don’t Even Realize It?

[Posted April 8th, 2009] by KimRuchAlegant

I am taking an on-line course by one of the contributors to The Secret, Bill Harris of Centerpointe.  I highly recommend his three online courses.  They really make you think about how you look at life, your values, and how you can achieve everything you want to achieve. It’s recorded so I can listen when I have time.  I have to say I’ve taken probably close to a year off of it, to become a Certified Energy Coach and to launch my businesses of a healing practice and a law practice.  But it felt like time to get back to it, so I did.

One aspect of the lesson I listened to this week dealt with shame.  One of the statements that really caught my attention was something like:  Doing personal development over underlying feelings of shame is like building a house on a foundation of sand.  This struck me as profound.  Is this why some people (I know of several) go from program to program, spending tons of money, hoping to find whatever it is they need to start feeling better?  But it never happens!  Is their shame sabotaging everything they are trying to accomplish?

Bill Harris says the problem with shame is that it can be buried so deeply that we are unaware that it is even there-because we are so ashamed, we don’t want to face it.  We don’t realize we even feel ashamed, and so we can’t process the emotion and let it go. 

Some people hide their shame behind anger, feelings of never being good enough, feeling undeserving of love or money (because they are such a bad person), or other ways like overeating or other addictions (drugs, drinking, smoking, etc.).

Most, if not all of us were shamed as children.  I’d say some of our parents did it intentionally, others did it without really meaning to, but they still did it.  Haven’t you ever yelled at or scolded your child and she seemed to shrink in on herself?  Bet she was feeling ashamed of herself.  Did she internalize that feeling at that time?  Maybe.  Lots of the emotional garbage we carry with us is a result of things that happened when we were wounded as small children.  That child inside of you can be healed with energy healing.

What are you ashamed of?  How do you think those feelings of shame (the ones you know of, or those that are buried) are affecting other aspects of your life?  Because you can be assured that they are.  Any disruption in your energy field (in this case caused by repressed shame) affects all aspects of your life.  So, think about it, journal about it, do some tapping about it (see my website for the points to tap), and call me if you can’t seem to find it, or can’t seem to process it.

Go start releasing that shame, and let me know how it is going!

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