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[Posted May 13th, 2010] by KimRuchAlegant

Bob Doyle said this at a weekend conference I attended.  What does it mean to you when you think about being your authentic self?  Sometimes people are living a life that someone told them they should be living-whether it be a spouse or a parent.  What role have you taken on because someone told you that you should, or because it was “expected” of you?

Sometimes our roles are what we expect of ourselves.  Right now, I expect myself to be a lawyer.  But I also want to be an energy healer.  Before the Turning Passion Into Profit weekend, I had convinced myself that I could not be both.  But now I know that I can build BOTH a successful law practice and a successful energy healing and coaching practice.  I can do both, and I will do both-I am doing both!

I think what Bob Doyle was referring to when he save us the admonition to “Be Your Authentic Self” was that you have to be who you need to be.  You have to do what you want to do.  If you are living the life someone else wanted for you or expected you to live, you are not going to be successful.

You may be outwardly successful, making money and living up to society’s expectations.  But what are you feeling inside?  Are you dying inside?   Do you feel like if you have to live this life for one more day you are going to scream?  All the money in the world would not make someone who feels like this feel successful on the inside, where it really matters.

Bob Doyle talks about how everything that is in your life now is a result of the energy vibrations you have put out in the past.  Your current life is in vibrational harmony with how you were vibrating previously.  To change your life you need to change your vibration.

Thoughts and feelings are your vibrations.  Your current emotionally charged thoughts are creating your future.  Are you creating the future that you want?  If not, why not?  I have done A LOT of EFT over the years, and I’m really starting to notice the changes it has made in my life.  Begin tapping on all the reasons why you are not living the life you really want to have, and things will begin to change for you.

Tapping changes your vibration, which changes your future.  Who doesn’t want to do that?

by Kim Ruch-Alegant, Certified Energy Coach for moms who feel guilty and overwhelmed lawyers

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