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Learn How To Play

[Posted June 21st, 2010] by KimRuchAlegant

 At the Turning Passion Into Profits weekend seminar a few months ago, one of the profound (to me, anyway) statements Bob Doyle of Wealth Beyond Reason made was “learn how to play (any by your own rules)”.


This really struck me.  Between work, volunteer activities, kids, taking care of the house, yard and pool—where’s the time for fun?  How the heck do adults play, anyway?


Is hanging out with friends play?  Going to the gym?  Going to the movies?  Getting drunk?  Going to a concert? Sports? Gardening?  S-e-x?  Going to a party? Going on vacation?  Mountain climbing, hiking, sight seeing?  Reading a book?  What about playing politics?


I can safely say that playing with children is literally playing, as well as playing cards, board games and video games.


How do kids know how to play?  It comes naturally to them, doesn’t it?  Play evolves as children age.  Babies have a great time playing with a  simple noodle, then become toddlers who play games like stacking blocks (which helps them develop their motor skills and analytical abilities).  And kids just love running around outside, which makes their bodies strong!  But they don’t even realize it.  Why don’t adults do that?


So I suppose the answer to “how do adults play?” is that what you consider play is up to you!  You just need to be sure you fit some play into your life, preferably every day or at least every week.


The important thing about adult play is how it makes you feel.  If YOU think it’s lots of fun, it’s play to you, right?  Does it reduce stress, or do you feel charged up afterwards?  Activities that do both are important to have in your life.  


Yoga makes me feel relaxed, and is play to me.   When I work in my gardens, I sometimes do call it “playing” in my gardens.  I find it very rewarding when something I put in the ground grows and looks pretty.  Now, my kids are growing up and looking pretty too, but I definitely don’t consider that job play!


I know that when my kids were smaller, getting the laundry done was an accomplishment.  How was I supposed to make time for play?  If you have small children and you have the means, make sure you play at least once a month.  As the kids get older, bump it up to once a week.  Play doesn’t have to cost money, except maybe for the baby sitter.


So, what do you do to play?  Make the time to do it!  It helps you stay sane.



Here’s some tapping phrases to help you get on the playing track.  Please change the words to fit your specific situation. (Click here to see the tapping points or here to see a tapping demonstration)


Karate chop:  even though I don’t have time to play, I love and accept myself.  Even though I don’t remember how to play, I accept who I am and how I feel.  Even though I want to play but have no idea how to find the energy and I don’t remember how, I love and accept myself anyway.


Top of head-I don’t have time to play

Eyebrow-I don’t remember HOW to play

Side of the eye-but I want to!

Under the eye-but I don’t have time

Under the nose-my body and mind need to play

Chin-what if I could find the time, once a week or once a month?

Collarbone-I forget how to play

Under arm-maybe I can remember how to play, if I try

Top of head-maybe I can start making time to play

Eyebrow-I’ll bet Bill Gates and Warren Buffett make time to play

Side of eye-I’m willing to make play a priority

Under the eye-thank you universe, for helping me make play a priority in my life from now on

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