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Access Your Creativity

[Posted April 15th, 2011] by KimRuchAlegant

I’ve never considered myself a creative person.  I can’t draw or paint or write poetry.  I can sing a little, but never had lessons or anything.  I don’t play an instrument or write songs.  So when a friend told me that I am very creative, it really gave me pause.  What?  I’m creative?  She said yes-look at all that you have created in your life.

As I thought more about it, I realized she’s right!  While I may not be artistic, I have created a lot in my life.  I’ve created a marriage and a family, a law firm and an energy coaching business, some nice websites (TheGuiltyMom.com is especially cool and has the potential to help thousands of moms- shameless self promotion), the crazy gardens around my house, etc.

Just because I’m not artistic doesn’t mean that I’m not creative.  What an epiphany.

I’ll bet I’m not the only one who feels this way.  How many of you don’t think of yourself as creative?  But I bet if you look around you life, you’ll see many wonderful things that you’ve created (and maybe some not so wonderful, but we all have created everything around us-that’s another article on the law of attraction).

If you could begin to recognize your innate creativity, you will be able to create even more great stuff in your life.  So, let’s do some tapping on this:

Karate Chop:  Even though I’m not creative, I love and accept myself.  Even though I don’t know how to make things, I accept who I am and how I feel.  Even though I know I’m not creative, I open to the possibility that maybe I can be.

Eyebrow: I’m not creative.
Side of the Eye: I can’t sing or draw or write.
Under the Eye: That’s what creative people do, right?
Under Nose:  That’s not who I am.
Chin: I don’t make things.
Collarbone: You have to make things to be creative.
Under Arm: What if I am creative?
Top of Head:  No, I know that I’m not.

Eyebrow: I’m not good at creative stuff.
Side of the Eye: That’s not what I do.
Under the Eye: I break stuff, I don’t create it.
Under Nose:  What if I’m wrong?
Chin: What if I do create stuff?
Collarbone: Maybe it’s not fine art, but I think I have created things.
Under Arm: But no one is interested in what I create.
Top of Head:  Who am I kidding, I’m not creative.

Take a deep breath and notice your thoughts.  Jot down any thoughts that came up and tap on them now.  Once you have cleared some of your negative emotions around this, move to the next tapping sequence.

Continue tapping.
Eyebrow: I’ve changed my mind.
Side of the Eye: I am creative.
Under the Eye: I’ve created so many great things in my life.
Under Nose:  Just because it’s not art, doesn’t mean it’s not creative.
Chin: Just living my life is a form of creativity.
Collarbone: I love knowing that I’m creative!
Under Arm: It takes many types of creativity to make the world go ‘round.

Top of Head:  My creativity is different than anyone else’s.
Eyebrow: I love MY brand of creativity.
Side of the Eye: It’s just right for me.
Under the Eye: Look at all the wonderful things I’ve created.
Under Nose:  I’m ready to create more.
Chin: I accept that I’m a creative person.
Collarbone: I can’t wait to create something else.
Under Arm: I create my life.
Top of Head:  I look forward to creating my life even better then it is right now.

Take a deep breath, get a drink of water and notice your thoughts.  Jot down any thoughts that came up and tap on them now.  Now go out there and make something!

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