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I want to be the Energy Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles!

[Posted October 19th, 2011] by KimRuchAlegant

As I watch the Eagles playing each weekend, it is definitely a series of ups and downs.  They either start out great or start out horrible, and then they switch as the game goes on.  I KNOW they players and coaches would benefit from the energy coaching and healing work that I do.  I could help them trust their instincts more, help those lineman be more grounded so they don’t get pushed around so much, help those receivers trust that their body knows what to do…

A little bit of tapping, a little bit of intuitive energy work…

I’m ready to help, I just need a phone call!

TONIGHT! Claim (or reclaim) Your Feminine Power!

[Posted October 19th, 2011] by KimRuchAlegant
Reclaim Your Feminine Power!

Join me on October 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM EST. Call 712-451-6025, access code 400436# for a FREE Teleclass to Reclaim Your Feminine Power!


The teleclass will be for the ladies about claiming your feminine power. I don’t mean in a withholding sex kind of way, but feeling into who you really are, and coming from there in all things.

Through the year-long training program I just completed, everyone kept telling me how powerful I am, if I will just step into it. With the help of a wonderful coach in the program, I’ve come to realize that it’s my feminine power I’ve been denying. Boy does it feel amazing to step into it.


If you think you’re denying your feminine power and operating more in your masculine energy, join me on the call. We’ll be shifting that pattern the whole call on October 19th at 7PM EST. Call 712-451-6025, access code 400436#


Kim Ruch-Alegant
Certified Energy Coach
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