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About EFT:

Tapping with Kim was a lot like yoga for me - I found I was able to relax, clear my mind and realize the issue at hand and how to address it - releasing the guilt of not being able to be there with both my girls 24/7.

Angela T., Ardmore, PA

I experienced just one session of the EFT technique and I have to say that it worked! I had a past issue that my mind kept re-playing over and over. Since having a one hour session with Kim, I rarely even think about it. In fact, even when I do it does not emotionally charge me like it used to before EFT. I feel at peace now which is something I had not felt for the last 4 years. You should try it too!

Tara B., Hatboro, PA

As a practitioner of several healing arts, and the co-owner of a healing arts center, I have to say how deeply impressed I was with my tapping session, and with Kim’s approach to the work. She is extremely insightful and conjures a great deal of compassion in what she does. Even now, several months since my session, I’m still applying insights gained there. I’ll be tapping forever!

Robert T., Hilltown, PA

During the series of tapping sessions I had with Kim I experienced greater clarity about issues that were bothering me. Through the tapping and her insights, I accessed answers. I was able to move from feeling out of sorts to feeling like I could focus on the issue and take steps to resolve things.

April G., Powell, Ohio

Science confirms that emotions impact our health and negative emotions impact it negatively. Body memories can hold on to these negative experiences. EFT has been an effective way for me to clear out many body memories and bring more peace and inner healing into my life. Working with Kim using EFT has really been a blessing to my life. It can be an almost painless way to clear out a lot of inner junk. Kim wants you to be well and has invested in herself to be able to help you.

Shelley S., RD, LDN, Allentown, PA


About Intuitive Energy work:

I came to my coaching session not expecting much as I have engaged in extensive personal development and studied with many greats including Anthony Robbins, even walked on burning red hot coals. I thought I had uncovered all my limiting beliefs. Much to my delight, in just ˝ hour Kim helped bring an insight to the surface that has already accelerated success in my businesses.

With gratitude, C. Black, Philadelphia, PA

Kim did a great job of helping me clear some issues so that a fear I had been holding onto was able to be released. Now I can move forward and plan for what is going to come, instead of holding onto that fear and doing nothing. Very cool!

Denise C., Lansdale, PA

Thank you so much for your reading. Your guided visualization is very effective in clearing old negative memories that maybe holding us back in our lives now. The exercise helped me to be more introspective and it helped me to understand and clear things from the past. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to move on in their lives and needs a little help doing it. Thank you again.

Connie B., Lansdale, PA

The energy reading session I had on the phone with Kim was a great experience. Although I was a little skeptical at the beginning, I am not any more. Kim got in touch with - and helped me get in touch with - inner emotions that I knew were there, but not to such an extent. The whole experience was very peaceful and had a meditative quality to it for me. I was struck when, at one point, my leg started bouncing - like a nervous thing, which I do sometimes - and right after that Kim said to me, "My legs have started bouncing, almost like I want to run away." WOW. It couldn't have been more powerful. As the session ended, I felt refreshed, cleansed, ready to deal with whatever is next.

Don S., Warminster, PA

I am a Reiki Master and am used to working with energy. I had a delightful experience with Kim visualizing all the negative things washing away and being filled with gold light. I had a pleasant feeling of calmness when we were done, and am looking forward to working with her again. Wonderful Experience!!!

Roxann. P., RN, Belle Chasse, LA

(This is a long one, but I was so honored, I wanted to include all of it.)
The number one thing I got out of working with Kim is a sense that I can use my negative thoughts to help me, or at least not hold me back. The battle to think positive things about myself and situations is difficult for me. I end up in downward spirals that start with one negative thought, like “how did I miss that mistake?” and spiral into “I’m worthless”. With tapping, when that first negative thought comes along, I start tapping. It’s usually not a full blown tapping session. I just pick a point, start tapping, and try to release the thought from my head. I find that the same kinds of negative thoughts reappear for me so the chances are good any negative thought I have is probably a block on my energy. I can tap, get the energy flowing and let go of the thought.

I’m an active Christian so my first concern in working with Kim was that her coaching would be contrary to my faith. To my glee and surprise, it supports and reinforces my faith. If the light of Christ is in us and works through us, then any block to our energy is a block to His energy. What a blessing to be able to release those blocks and “be about my Father’s work” with full intent.

The improvement after working with Kim was immediate. It wasn’t a too much caffeine rush of energy, just a quiet sense that I had more momentum to carry me through the day. I’m not singing “I Feel Good” but I can smile when someone else does.

I’m an Energy work skeptic. Acupuncture seems to work for me, but Reiki is just laying on hands, qigong just a series of exercises, reflexology just a nice foot rub. I’ve seen them work for others but I haven’t experienced the results. Energy work with Kim is different.

One of my lifetime goals is to "get my head on straight." I got more accomplished in two session with Kim than in 25 years of therapy.

Ellen D., Fort Washington, PA