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Have you heard about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

EFT, also known as tapping, is a drug-free alternative for stress and anxiety relief. It's a holistic approach which soothes mind, body, and spirit.

EFT is a great adjuct to cancer treatments, helping to eliminate the fear and anxiety of the diagnosis, while working with the emotional source of the illness.

The slogan for tapping used to be "try it on everything" because the applications are endless.

Are you ready to learn how to do EFT, and it's simpler cousin, SET (Simple Energy Technique)? Watch the short video or keep reading to learn this easy technique, and to see the tapping points.

Click on the video below to see a brief demonstration of EFT/tapping!

EFT is endorsed by many self-help gurus like Jack Canfield, Joe Vitalie, Bruce Lipton, Bob Doyle, Cheryl Richardson, Carol Tuttle, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Bob Proctor, to name a few.

How EFT Works

Below is a diagram of the tapping points. As you can see, the points used in EFT start at the top of the head and go down onto the torso, wrists and hands. It does not matter which points are tapped in which order. Some people do find that certain points seem to have more significance to them. You can use your favorite points, but we recommend that you use at least 3 different points on your body.

The name of the points are: Top of the Head, Eyebrow, Side of the Eye, Under the Eye, Under the Nose, Chin, Collarbone, Under the Arm. There are points above the wrist on both the top and bottom of the arm (not pictured). On the hand, the points are the Karate Chop (the meaty part of the outside of the hand), and then at the base of each nail, on the thumb side. If tapping on your legs appeals to you, there is a point about an inch above each ankle (not pictured).

In EFT, you begin by tapping on the Karate Chop point while saying a "set up" phrase. So you would say "Even though I ____________, I deeply and completely accept myself" three times. Fill in the blank with a specific event (for example, my father beat me for spilling the milk when I was 5 years old) or feeling (for example, I have this sharp pain in my low back or Tina hurt my feelings when she said I was fat) you have when something specific happens. Then you would move on to the points on the body, tapping on each point while saying the _____________ phrase as a reminder. There are many variations on this technique that seem to increase the efficiency of the technique.

SET (Simple Energy Technique) is simpler and easier (hence the name). All you do it tap on the various points while thinking or talking about your problem. SET was developed by David Lake and Steve Wells of EFT Down Under. Can you tell they're from Australia? David and Steve teach that you should be tapping continually, as much as possible. You should be tapping while driving (unless you get too relaxed!), you can tap while watching tv, or talking on the phone. You should tap for at least one hour every day, they say. You do not even have to be thinking about any specific problem. The theory is that all of our "Stuff" is constantly going around in our unconscious (or "in the back of our heads") as we go about our day. By continually tapping, we are addressing our issues without even having to really think about them! How cool is THAT? You can tap on the finger points using the thumb of the same hand, and no one will even know you are doing it.

EFT and SET are great self help techniques that you can use by yourself. However, there may be issues that are deeply buried, and may require the assistance of a practitioner for you to uncover.


At first glance, Emotional Freedom Technique is a very strange treatment method. You tap your fingers on various parts of your body and your pain goes away? All kinds of pain, physical or emotional, can be treated with tapping.

How can this be? If it sounds like hocus-pocus, that's because it is! Even the developer of the technique, Gary Craig, did not know why it works. More studies are being done all the time which are beginning to reveal what actually happens in the body. But, while EFT is a relatively new technique, it is based on knowledge that has been around for millennia-that there is an invisible "energy system" within the body.

This energy system is the basis for acupuncture and the idea of chi. Disruptions in this energy system (or your chi) cause problems in the body itself. What kind of problems? Could be a stomach ache, could be uncontrollable anger. How do disruptions happen? Any number of ways.

Physical or emotional trauma such as being involved in a car accident, falling, witnessing a horrible accident, having been a victim of physical or emotional abuse, repeatedly witnessing physical or emotional abuse, or simply being told to be invisible, you're bad, or you weren't wanted, are only a small sampling of the ways a person's energy system can be disrupted or blocked. What exactly happens? Science is revealing that tapping soothes the amygdala in our brains, helping us reduce and release stress from the fight or flight response.

Stimulating the energy system through tapping on the energy meridians (EFT) brings massive relief. Using needles during an acupuncture treatment also brings relief.

I have seen a person's entire physical demeanor change as a result of talking through their problems while tapping on them. Releasing the "stuck" negative energy, if you will. Without the needles. The best part is that you don't even have to believe that it is actually going to work for it to work.

Also, surrogate tapping can be done to help others. Some people have even had success with visualizing the tapping, but not actually doing it. Tapping in groups seems to actually accelerate the change, maybe because the group's energy synchs (like ocean waves together making each other bigger), helping to quickly break through barriers you didn't even know were there.

P.S. Ė I just watched a really fascinating video about the #1 issue that most people in western cultures deal with on a regular basis.

Itís an issue thatís been shown to increase the risk of health issues like diabetes, cancer and heart diseaseÖ

And itís been shown to impact a personís ability to succeed financially and professionally.

I think youíll benefit from watching this video about EFT. Go here to watch it now: 2012 Tapping World Summit Video with Nick Ortner